The Best Camping Tip is Camping

You can find massive amounts of camping hacks and camping tips online. You can ask friends for camping advice, and you can pick up some tips from the folks at your local camping store. The best way to get better at camping, however, is by spending more time outdoors.

Research is good, but experience is better

The internet is a great resource for finding camping tips and information about spending the night in nature. You can find complete camping checklists and tons of great advice from people who have years or decades of experience.

Word of mouth is a great way to learn more about camping, too. In fact, some of the best camping tips come from conversations about your time out in nature.

There’s no doubt that this information is useful, and you should definitely seek it out. That being said, there’s no substitute for the knowledge and experience that comes from camping.

Every camping tip or hack that’s ever come to be has resulted from someone braving the elements and going camping.

Learning vs. understanding

You develop a better understanding of things through experiences. There’s a big difference in being told to always pack a rain fly or a sleeping pad, and actually learning the importance of these items the hard way.

Spend a night shivering because you forgot your sleeping pad, or have all of your camping gear get soaked because the weatherman got it wrong, and you’ll never make those mistakes again.

Customize your camping set up

If you live by someone else’s camping checklist you’ll never truly learn what you need and what you don’t need. You learn to make adjustments to your camping setup based on your needs and preferences the more often you go camping.

As you spend more time camping your pack list will start to include items that aren’t on generic camping checklists, and you may start leaving things at home that most checklists tell you to bring.

You have to practice your skills

You can read each and every tip for setting up a tent, but unless you practice you’re not going to be very good at pitching a tent. The same is true for building camp fires, tying knots, setting up a tarp, or any other important outdoor skill.

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