Why You Need a Metal Pint Cup

You’ve probably seen metal pint glasses – or more accurately metal pint cups – popping up more and more frequently. While it’s easy to dismiss these sturdy little tumblers as a silly little fad, they’re actually super practical and super useful. Here’s what makes these pints worth purchasing.

Use it around the house

You don’t want to drink hot coffee out of glass, and you don’t want to drink ice cold water out of a coffee mug. A stainless steel pint is the perfect in between. They’re perfect for every beverage, and they’re super easy to clean.

Enjoy your coffee, beer, and water from your pint all day long, and rinse it out with a little soap and water at the end of the day.

Use it around town

If you want a versatile, sustainable cup that you can carry with you anywhere, you need a stainless steel pint.

Several manufacturers make travel lids for metal pint cups as well as cozies to keep your hand from burning or freezing, as the case may be. Klean Kanteen makes upcycled cozies out of old fleece jackets.

Save a cup when you buy your morning cup of coffee. Abandon the red SOLO cup at parties. Your oversized travel mug looks dorky, and it doesn’t fit in your cup holder, anyway.

Use it on the trail

Steel pint glasses are lightweight and durable enough to carry safely on the trail. You can of course drink water out of the cups, but you can also use them as a compact, lightweight cook pot. You can also eat out of them.

Klean Kanteen pints are made from food-safe 18/8 stainless steel. This means that you can safely boil water in them, as long as they are single walled. There’s no paint, no liner, no plastic, or coatings to worry about. They won’t look brand new anymore, but they will develop a nice patina.

Looking for a place to buy a metal pint cup in Northwest Arkansas? Stop by Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters!

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