5 Underrated Outdoor Skills

Fire building, bushcraft, knot tying, navigation – these are clearly useful and valued outdoor skills. There are many other outdoor skills that really come in handy out in nature, even though they don’t get a lot of attention. Here are five underrated outdoor skills that everyone should know!


Knowing how to identify constellations is important for a couple of reasons. Not only is picking out groups of stars in the night sky a great activity, it can also be useful with determining cardinal direction and navigation.

One of the most important things to remember about identifying constellations is that stars appear in different parts of the sky depending on your location and the time of the year. Here are a few tips to help you learn how to pick out stars.


Like astronomy, bird watching is a great hobby for outdoor enthusiasts. Being able to recognize birds based on plumage and song means that you will always have something to occupy your time during an outing.


People don’t usually include cooking in the list of outdoor skills, but a good camp chef is always in high demand. Understanding flavors and textures, knowing how to prepare tasty, filling, and nutritious dishes is important whether you’re in a kitchen or around a campfire.

Food always tastes better after a long day on the trail, especially if you’re handy with a skillet.


Burly, manly men may scoff at the thought of sewing being an important outdoor skill, but they’ll eat their words when they pop a seam in their pants or rip a hole in their sleeping bag and lack the ability to patch it up.

Carrying a needle and thread on the trail is a great way to ensure that your gear is always up for the task.


Yes, staying positive is a skill. It takes practice and you can get better at it over time just like any other skill on this list. Sometimes spending time outdoors means struggling and being uncomfortable. You can either complain the whole time, or embrace the experience and stay positive.


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