10 Things You’re Forgetting on Your Hike

You’re probably not going to forget to put on your hiking shoes before you hit the trail. If you forget your hiking pack, you’re having a pretty rough day. It’s common for people to not pack enough water, but most people remember to bring at least a little bit. Some things aren’t as easy to remember, however. Here are a few items and pieces of outdoor gear that might be missing from your hiking pack.


Paracord can get you out of a sticky situation, plus it’s super lightweight and portable. Use it as a replacement shoe laces, use it to strap gear down, or use it a a trail marker.

We carry an awesome selection of accessory cord including 550 cord, tubular webbing, and flat nylon webbing. We sell cord and webbing by the foot, or spool.


Lots of brands make long, thin neck gaiters now, but BUFF® was one of the pioneers. They are lightweight, affordable, and super useful. Here are some of their uses:

  • extra warmth around your neck
  • headband
  • face covering
  • fashion it into a hat
  • sun protection
  • use it as a rag
  • a makeshift hot mitt


You may plan on being off the trail before sunset, but that doesn’t mean you should leave your light at home. Accidents happen, delays happen, and you’re estimates on your hiking pace might be a little off. Carry a headlamp so you can find your way back to the trailhead no matter what.

Emergency blanket

A shelter is one of the 10 outdoor gear essentials; it’s not always practical, or even necessary, to carry a shelter on a day hike, however. It makes sense to carry a survival blanket, though. You may never use it, but you will at least have some protection if you need it.

Rain jacket

It’s always worth the weight to carry some rain gear. This is especially true in colder conditions, or in regions where the weather changes quickly. If you don’t want to pack a waterproof shell, you can simply stow an emergency rain poncho in your hiking pack.

Trekking poles

Far too few hikers carry trekking poles. A solid pair of poles will keep your legs fresh, take the weight off your knees, add extra stability, help with climbing and descending, and even allow you to fend of of snakes.

Extra socks

A pair of socks doesn’t way much, and it doesn’t take up that much space. A fresh, clean, pair of fluffy hiking socks can instantly boost morale, though. If your socks get soaked in a river, saturated in sweat, or permeated with dirt, swap them out with a fresh pair of socks to feel like a million bucks!


Some trails are more popular than others. Some are better marked. It can be surprisingly easy to get lost on the trail if the blazes are few and far between, or if the trail is overgrown. It’s always a good idea to bring a physical map, or at the very least snap a photo of a map at the trailhead to avoid getting lost. This is true no matter how simple the hike may seem.

Visit us at Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters in Northwest Arkansas for any hiking, camping, or outdoor gear you need before your next adventure!

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