Be Prepared for Anything With These 10 Outdoor Gear Items

If life always goes exactly how you planned it – you never take a wrong turn, you finish your hikes on time, and there’s nothing but bluebird skies – we’d love to hear how you managed to ensnare a magical genie that grants your every wish. In reality, you can’t bank on things always going according to plan. Be prepared for whatever comes your way out in nature with these 10 items.


While you can’t carry fire in your pocket, carrying the makings of a fire is the next best thing. Fire starter log and waterproof matches will do the trick.

Emergency rain poncho

If you carry a rain jacket, it won’t rain. If you leave the rain jacket at home, it’s going to pour. Carrying a lightweight emergency rain poncho means that you always have waterproof rain protection without wasting space and adding the weight of a waterproof shell.


You’re probably not going to find yourself in a real life survival scenario, but that’s not all knives are good for. They can help remove a splinter, cut paracord, and even help you open up that pesky bag of beef jerky.


You don’t realize just how useful 550 cord is until you actually start carrying it and using it around camp and while hiking. There are some many different uses for paracord, and it’s lightweight and portable enough to earn a spot in your pack no matter what.

First Aid Kit

It’s better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it. Always carry a first aid kit and include non-emergency items such as lip balm, fingernail clippers, moleskin, and athletic tape.

Water purification tablets

Do you know how long you can survive without potable water? Don’t find out. Carry water purification to ensure that you always have safe drinking water.


Arrive to your campsite after dark? Mistimed your hike by a couple of hours? Find a cool cave? Pack a headlamp for hands-free lighting.

Extra layer

It can start raining without notice, the sun can set behind the hills, or maybe it’s just cooler than you had anticipated. Always be prepared with an extra layer of clothing. A long sleeve base layer is a good option that provides versatility.


Packing a lightweight emergency shelter gives you a lot of security and wiggle room for exploring in the backcountry. A bivy provides a lightweight and packable shelter whether you spend the night out by choice or by necessity.

Emergency blanket

An emergency mylar blanket – also known as a space blanket – can literally save your life. Plus it’s light enough and small enough to leave in your pack and forget about it.

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