6 Quick Camp Cooking Tips

Some people go camping to relax. Others go camping to get out and explore nature. Nobody goes camping just so that they can spend time cooking and cleaning. Sure, maybe preparing a nice meal around the campfire is part of the camping experience for you, but there are ways to make camp cooking easier and more convenient. Here are a few camping cooking tips reduce clean up and expedite chow time.

Use your kitchen at home

One of the easiest ways to improve camp cooking is by cooking and preparing food at home in a fully-equipped kitchen.

  • Dealing with raw meat out in nature can be tricky. Rather than worry about contamination and spoiling, simply grill, bake, or otherwise cook meat at home.
  • Cook foods – such as dry rice or beans – that are too difficult, time consuming, or messy to make out in nature.
  • Even if you enjoy cooking around the campsite, prepping food – such as mincing garlic, dicing chives, etc. – in advance helps speed up the cooking process and keeps you from dirtying a knife or cutting board.
  • You can also prepare complete meals that can be eaten cold or reheated at the campsite.

Pack these things in plastic containers and store them in a cooler.

Reduce the trash you bring with you

It’s always surprising just how much trash foods can generate. Get rid of excess trash and packaging before you go camping to reduce the amount of trash you have to pick up after your meal. Also, move foods to reusable containers whenever possible.

Choose recipes with easy clean up

There are plenty of great meals for camping that require very little cleanup, or no cleanup at all.

Consider making meals such as quesadillas, croque monsieur (grilled ham and cheese), rice medleys, or stir fry, rather than saucy dishes such as chili or pasta.

Think about it this way: the messier the meal, the more work you have to do when it’s finished.

Reduce dishes

Look for ways to reduce the number of dishes you use and have to clean, such as eating out of your cookware and cooking in foil packets. You’re not getting points on presentation. Fewer dishes to clean means more time spent relaxing and enjoying your time out in nature.

Wash dishes immediately

Clean whatever dishes you do generate while cooking at your campsite as soon as you’re done eating.

Clean while pots pans and dishes are still warm and the food hasn’t dried to help save water, and save effort. Don’t worry about table manners; lick your dishes clean first to make dishwashing even easier.

Get a camping stove

A portable camping stove gives you more control over the temperature, and it’s much more versatile than a campfire. If you want to expand your camping food options, you really need a good quality gas stove.

What are your favorite camp cooking tips? Let us know in the comments below. Stop by Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters for camp stoves, backpacking stoves, camp kitchen supplies, and any outdoor gear in Fayetteville, Arkansas!

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