What You Can Do to Prevent Blisters

Blisters happen, right? They’re beyond your control like the weather or what time the sun rises. Not quite. While you can’t always prevent blisters there are several things that you can do to help avoid blisters. Try these tips to help prevent blisters on your next hike.

What causes blisters?

Understanding what causes blisters is key in blister prevention. Heat, friction, and moisture are the three main causes of blisters. Of course, these things are almost always going to be present while hiking. You can’t avoid them, but you can manage them.

Get good hiking socks

Good hiking socks offer more comfort and padding than your traditional cotton socks. Avoid cotton socks at all costs while hiking. Choose either synthetic hiking socks, or merino wool hiking socks. Either of these options will help manage moisture and heat, and also reduce friction on your feet.

Sock liners

Wearing a pair of sock liners reduces friction between your foot and your footwear, and also helps manage moisture by wicking moisture away from your foot.

Make sure your shoes fit

Hiking boots or hiking shoes that are too big or too small will lead to discomfort and loads of blisters. The best way to fit hiking shoes is by going into your local outdoor gear store. Try them on and test them out.

Avoid waterproof hiking shoes

While some people swear by waterproof hiking shoes or waterproof boots, they have a major flaw. While they keep moisture out, they also trap heat and moisture in. This means you’re more likely to suffer a blister. Look for a breathable pair of hiking shoes instead of waterproof footwear.

Keep your feet happy

If you start feeling pressure or hotspots on your feet, stop and treat them. Don’t wait for blisters to appear. Apply moleskin to these areas and make sure that your boots are tied and laced up properly.

Also let your feet dry out if your feet get wet, and empty your socks and boots of any dirt, grit, or debris.

Lightweight hiking gaiters

Pebbles, or even just a bunch of grit, in your shoes will quickly wear your feet down. Help keep dirt and dust out of your shoes while you’re hiking with a pair of lightweight hiking gaiters.

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