6 Tricks to Prevent Tick Bites

Summer is the most popular season for camping and outdoor recreation. It’s also the busiest season for ticks. Ticks can carry a number of diseases and bacteria, and their bites can cause a lot of discomfort. Here are six ways to prevent tick bites.

Wear insect repellent

Ticks are arachnids rather than insects, but you get the idea. Choose an insect repellent that protects against ticks. Applying bug spray before you head outdoors – and reapplying as necessary – is a great way to prevent tick bites.

Treat your clothing and gear

An easy way to add an extra layer of protection from ticks is by treating your clothing and outdoor gear with permethrin. Permethrin is an insecticide that is safe for humans to touch and won’t damage your gear.

You can spray it on socks, hiking shoes, backpacks, tents, rainflies, hammocks, hiking pants, shirts, and anything else that you want to make bug-proof.

Stick to trails

Everyone loves a good off-trail adventure, but you might want to hold off on bushwhacking until the fall. Ticks tend to congregate in thick vegetation, and the more wild the terrain, the more ticks you can expect to see. Stay on maintained paths and trails to help prevent tick bites.

Dress right

People tend to shed layers when the temperature increases, but you get more protection when you have more coverage. Wear pants and sleeves to help prevent tick bites. Wearing light colors also makes it easier to spot ticks and remove them before they have a chance to bite you.

Tuck in

If you can’t avoid tick town, take some precautionary measures to keep the ticks from getting beneath your clothing. Tuck your pants into your socks, and tuck your shirt into your pants to make it difficult for ticks to get next to your skin.

Check often

Doing a tick check every few hours allows you to brush off ticks before they bite, and also remove any ticks that have already latched on. Carry tweezers and check for ticks.

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