The One Thing You Always Forget (That You Should Always Bring)

New and novice campers forget things like toilet paper, tent stakes, or even extra layers. These are mistakes that you learn from as you gain more experience. There are some things that even experienced outdoor enthusiasts forget, however. A trash bag is one of the easiest things to forget on a hiking, floating, or camping trip. Trash bags don’t usually make the list of outdoor essentials, but it’s very important to pack a trash bag any time you head outdoors.

Do your part

The most obvious, and most important, reason to pack a trash bag is that you need a place to stow your trash. Yes, your pack pockets do a pretty good job at this, but a trash bag keeps everything contained, prevents trash from accidentally falling out of your pack, and helps keep your pack clean. A trash bag is light and compact enough that it always makes sense to pack one.

Doing your part by packing out what you pack in is an easy way to help protect the environment and ensure that others can enjoy nature, too.

While you always want to minimize the amount of trash you bring out in nature, sometimes it just isn’t possible to completely avoid generating trash. It’s important that you bring home whatever you take with you.

Carrying a trash bag also allows you to pick up trash that others have left behind. Maybe it’s not your job to clean up after others, but environmental stewardship is everyone’s responsibility. Always try to leave things better than you found them.

Other uses for a trash bag

Reducing our impact on the environment is a good enough reason, but there are other reasons you should always bring a trash bag. Here are a few alternate uses for a trash bag.

  • In a pinch a trash bag can keep your phone, lighter, TP, and other sensitive belongings dry.
  • Storing wet gear in a trash bag keeps the rest of your belongings dry.
  • A large trash bag can be worn as an emergency poncho.
  • You can collect water in a trash bag.
  • Trash bags can be used for first aid – tying splints, slings, tourniquets, etc. – in emergency situations.
  • You can use large trash bags as a ground cover or as an emergency shelter.

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