Leave the Glass at Home

If you spend a lot of time hiking, backpacking, or on the river, you know that you shouldn’t’ take glass out in nature. This may seem like common knowledge, but those who are new to outdoor recreation may not realize that carrying glass in nature is dangerous, and often prohibited.

Why is it bad to carry glass in nature?

People don’t usually make a conscious decision to bring glass with them on the river, while hiking, or while camping. More often than not, people bring glass containers without really thinking about it. They want their beer, bourbon, or pickles, and they’re not considering that glass in nature is a recipe for disaster.

  • As far as bottles and containers go, glass is really heavy.
  • Glass is also fragile and breaks easily.
  • Whenever a glass container breaks you loose whatever it is you brought in the container.
  • Broken glass is also dangerous. It can harm animals and it can hurt people. Cutting your foot on broken glass is terrible no matter what, but it’s especially dangerous if you’re on a trail or river far from support.

Carrying glass is also prohibited in many areas. For example, you’re not allowed to possess or use glass containers in caves, on trails, or on waterways within 100 feet of any river or stream along the Buffalo National River.

Instead of glass

Again, people don’t usually look for glass containers when they’re planning for a float or a hike, and they typically bring glass as oversight, or they simply do not realize that they shouldn’t.

Make things easier on yourself, and safer for others and leave the glassware at home. Here are a few things that you can do to keep from bringing glass out in nature.

  • Look for foods and beverages packaged in durable non-glass containers.
  • Purchase reusable plastic or metal bottles, containers, and dishes.
  • Move food, drinks, etc. from glass containers into durable containers.

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