What is a Tent Footprint?

A tent footprint is an entertaining name for a surprisingly useful piece of outdoor gear. Here’s a bit of information about tent footprints, and why you should seriously consider investing in one.

What is a tent footprint?

Tents don’t have feet, so how can they have a footprint? A footprint is basically a piece of material that you put beneath your tent. This can either provide a tent floor for tent shelters that do not come with a floor, or it can add extra protection for a tent floor.

Many, but not all, modern camping tents have a footprint designed specifically for the make and model of the tent. Sometimes these footprints are sold with the tent, and sometimes they’re available as an additional purchase.

Buying the footprint that was designed specifically for your tent isn’t necessary, but it usually provides the most convenient experience.

A footprint can also be any tarp, ground cloth or a ground cover you use beneath your tent.

What does a tent footprint do?

A tent footprint protects tent floors from dirt, moisture, punctures, and abrasion. The footprint preserves the tent floor material as well as any waterproofing that’s applied to the tent floor.

Walking, moving, or even just turning in your sleep, creates friction between the ground and the tent floor. The more friction there is, the greater the risk for rips, cuts, or just regular wear and tear. Having a tent footprint prevents damage to your tent floor and increases the life of your tent.

A footprint may be waterproof, but this isn’t necessary as most tent floors these days are already waterproof. If your tent does not have taped seems, a waterproof footprint or tent floor saver is important.

Why do I need a tent footprint?

You’re going to want to buy a footprint of a floor saver if your tent doesn’t already have a floor, or if you want to protect your expensive tent.

Again, you may be able to buy a footprint made specifically for your tent, but any tarp will do.

Keep in mind, though, that you don’t want your tent footprint or tarp to extend beyond the area of your tent. If it does you may have issues staking your tent and the footprint will collect water if it rains.


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