Why You Shouldn’t Build a Campfire

This is blasphemy, right? Camping without a building campfire is like eating a BLT without the bacon. Many people rely on campfires for lighting and cooking, and some just don’t consider a camping trip complete unless they build a campfire. Of course, there are times when you shouldn’t build a campfire.

Why you shouldn’t build a campfire

Sometimes it’s dangerous to build a fire. Obviously, if there’s a burn ban you don’t want to build a campfire. Sometimes strong, gusty winds can make building fires dangerous, too. Making a campfire in these conditions can lead to wildfires.

Of course, there are times when building a fire is safe, but it’s not going to happen. Maybe there isn’t any available firewood, or maybe all of the firewood has been soaked through by a recent rainstorm.

Sometimes a campfire is the furthest thing from your mind on camping trip. Keeping cool while camping in the summer is a challenge even before you add a campfire to the mix. If you’ve ever been camping in 100-degree heat, you know sometimes people just don’t want to gather around a campfire.

What you should do instead

A campfire is the go-to method for traditionalists who want a hot meal and some ambient lighting around the campsite, but it’s not the only method. Whether building a campfire isn’t safe, it’s not feasible, or it’s just too hot for a fire, there are other ways to cook and illuminate your campsite.


Bring a portable camping stove, fuel, pots, pans, and cooking utensils.

Another option is to plan a menu of no-cook camping meals, or cook your meals at home and bring them with you.


Yes, firelight is cozy, but headlamps and lanterns are easier, safer, more effective, and far cooler than a campfire.

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