What Are You Doing for National Trails Day?

Photo credit: Gideon Haden ChomphosyWe’re living in the Golden Age of obscure holidays. Everything has its own special day including doughnuts, hot air balloons, and talking like a pirate. Some of these days are easier to get behind than others. National Trails Day is a holiday that any outdoor enthusiast can be about.

What is National Trails Day?

National Trails Day (NTD) takes place each year on the first Saturday in June. At it’s most basic, NTD is a celebration of  trails.

Whether you’re into hiking, backpacking, biking, or horseback riding, NTD is a great occasion to promote trail awareness, encourage people to explore trails, and emphasize the importance of environmental stewardship.

Some take it upon themselves to do their part to help improve trail networks, and educate others about the benefits of trails and outdoor recreation.

It’s also an opportunity to thank those who make it possible to enjoy trails. Trails, whether paved or primitive, don’t just pop up on their own. People plan them, build them, and maintain them. We need to appreciate this, and do what we can to preserve them for others!

What do you do on National Trails Day?

There are lots of ways to celebrate and take part in the holiday. Many national parks, state parks, and individual organizations organize events for their communities.

These events sometimes include:

  • guided hikes
  • educational workshops
  • activities
  • trail maintenance
  • clinics
  • clean ups
  • group hikes

You can organize your own group hike or group ride, or enjoy trails independently of an event, too!

There are several National Trails Day events in Arkansas this year. Events are scheduled at Petit Jean State Park, Withrow Springs State Park, World Peace Wetlands Prairie in Fayetteville, and Lake Wedington, just to name a few.

Take part in one of these NTD events or you get out and do your own thing this weekend! Either way, enjoy your National Trails Day!

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