11 Simple Tips to Increase Comfort While Camping in Hot Weather

Summer is the most popular season for camping in the U.S. Of course, summer isn’t the most ideal season for camping. You have ticks, chiggers, mosquitoes, snakes, and other critters out in full force. There’s poison ivy and sumac in full bloom. Then, there’s the sweltering summer heat. Summer highs can cause even the most avid outdoor enthusiast to wilt. Here are a few tips to increase comfort while camping in hot weather.

Camp near water

The best way to beat the heat when camping in hot weather is to have a source of water nearby. Whether it’s a river, a lake, a stream, or a campground swimming pool, splashing around in some cool water makes a world of difference when the mercury starts to rise.

Wear bug spray

You know what’s worse than sitting around sweating at the campsite as the sun beats down on you? Sitting around sweating and being covered in bug bites. Ticks, chiggers, and mosquitoes love hot weather. They’ll be out in swarms throughout the summer. Be sure to apply bug spray.

Bring shade

Whether it’s a sun shelter, shade tent, or a simple tarp, you need to have a source of shade if you’re going camping in hot weather. Not only will this provide instant relief from UV radiation and the heat, it will also keep your tent and your entire campsite cooler.

Know when to be active

Plan the bulk of your activities in the morning and evening hours. This can help reduce the exertion during peak sunlight hours.

Pack a cooler

You can get by with a few bottles of lukewarm – and sometime sometimes borderline hot – water, but packing a cooler or ice chest with ice and cold beverages can take camping in hot weather from tolerable to enjoyable. It’s amazing what a cold drink can do when the sun is hanging high.

Sun hat and long sleeves

A sun hat and a lightweight long sleeve sun shirt will help keep you safe from UV rays and also help keep you feeling cooler in hot weather.

Although counter-intuitive, you’ll stay cooler in the sun wearing long, breathable layers than showing some skin.

Rethink your shelter

If you’ve ever spent a still summer night tossing and turning in stifling in a tent, you know that the heat can make it next to impossible to sleep.

Consider a hammock instead of a tent

Hammocks are cooler and more breathable than tents, plus they’re often easier to set up. Just make sure you set up some netting to keep the mosquitoes at bay.

Bed time rituals

Make sure to rinse off before bed and put on a set of clean clothes designated for sleeping. Feeling gross makes it hard to fall asleep.

Leave the sleeping bag at home

Skip the sleeping bag. All you need is a sheet, a sleeping bag liner, or even a light blanket from home.

Choose tech over a campfire

Campfires in the summer can be downright unpleasant. Instead of relying on a campfire for cooking and lighting, bring a camp stove and some lanterns.

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