10 Ways to Keep Your Tent Clean

Keeping your tent clean is an easy way to help preserve your tent and sleeping bag. It also just feels better to have a clean tent. Most people won’t stress trying to keep their tent clean on an overnight camping trip, but the longer you’re camping the more important it is to keep your tent clean. Here are a few tips to keep your tent clean inside and out.

Choose the right site

Keeping a clean tent starts with choosing the right location. Pitching your tent under a tree offers protection from sun and precipitation, but it can lead to sap and bird droppings accumulating on your rain fly.

Also, look for an area with grass instead of dirt, mud, or sand.

Welcome mat

Lay a towel or a mat at your tent opening. This gives you a place to wide your feet and remove your shoes.

Kick off your boots

The best way to keep your tent clean is by removing your shoes before entering your tent. This greatly reduces the amount of dirt, grass, and debris that enters the tent.

Wipe down

Shake loose any dirt and grime from your clothes, and keep a rag next to the tent door to wipe your feet before entering your tent.

Set your tent on a tarp

Laying a ground cover beneath your tent helps protects the tent floor and helps keep mud away from the tent entrance. This also makes it easier to keep dirt out of your tent.

Cover the tent floor with a blanket

Another easy way to keep your tent clean is to lay a blanket inside the tent. Not only does this make your tent more cozy and add extra insulation, it also helps keep the inside of your tent clean by trapping dirt and dust.

Keep your tent doors closed

It’s pretty simple. The longer your tent doors are open, the more likely dirt and debris will enter your tent. Always keep the doors of your tent zipped unless entering or exiting.

Empty your tent

You’re going to get dirt and debris in your tent over time. There’s no avoiding it. You can deal with a little bit of dirt and grass for a day or two, but you should plan on cleaning out your tent periodically for extended camping trips.

Remove your sleeping pad and sleeping bags, and sweep out your tent.

Clean your tent after use

It’s arguably more important to clean your tent after you use it than it is to keep your tent clean while you’re using it.

Sweep out the inside of your tent and clean the exterior with a mild detergent as soon as you get home from your trip.

Dry your tent

Whether you wash your tent or not, be sure to let it dry completely before storage. This helps prevent mold and mildew and maximizes the life of your tent.

What’s your favorite way to keep your tent clean? Let us know in the comments below. Stop by and see us at Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters the next time you’re looking for a tent in Northwest Arkansas!

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