6 Ways to Make a Sleeping Bag Last Longer

A high quality sleeping bag can be a big investment, so you want to make sure you get the most out of it. If you take care of your sleeping bag, it will take care of you. Here are six ways to make your sleeping bag last longer.

Keep your sleeping bag sheltered

A camping shelter can mean something different for different people. For some is a tent, for some it’s a hammock, and for others it’s a bivy. Whatever your camping shelter preference, keep your sleeping bag in the shelter away from dirt, rocks, branches, campfire, and moisture.

Sure, a sleeping bag can add extra warmth around the campfire, but that’s a recipe for disaster and a burn in your bag. This is one of the easiest ways to make your sleeping bag last longer.

Protect your sleeping bag

Just taking better care of your bag can make your sleeping bag last longer.

Always use a sleeping pad. This not only offers more comfort and a better night of rest, but it also prevents tears or punctures from rocks, thorns, or other sharp objects on the ground.

Put on designated sleeping clothes before getting your sleeping bag. This helps keep your sleeping bag clean.

Don’t yank of the zipper and draw strings. Be patient, make sure that tracks are lined up, fabric is out of the way, and be gentle with the materials.

Let your sleeping bag breathe

Once you get home from your camping trip or backpacking trip, turn your sleeping bag inside out,  and let it air out in the sun.

Make sure your bag is completely dry before storage.

Let your sleeping bag hang out

The best way to store your sleeping bag is hang them, unstuffed, in a cool dry place. This helps preserve the loft power and insulating properties of your sleeping bag. Many sleeping bags actually come with loops at the foot of the bag specifically for this purpose.

This is especially important for down sleeping bags, but it’s a good idea for synthetic sleeping bags too.

Another option is laying out your sleeping bag under your bed. At the very lest store your sleeping bag uncompressed in a loose bag or storage sack. Do not store sleeping bags in compression sacks.

Get in a liner

Investing in a sleeping bag liner is an easy way to make your sleeping bag last longer. A liner helps reduce wear and tear on your bag. It also keeps your bag cleaner longer, which reduces the number of washes needed.

You need to wash your sleeping bag eventually, and an occasional washing can even rejuvenate your bag. The more your wash a bag, however, the less effective the insulation may be over time, especially if you don’t wash your bag properly.

Maintain your sleeping bag

You can only do so much to prevent wear and tear on your sleeping bag. If you want to make your sleeping bag last longer you must also inspect your bag regularly and address small problems while they’re still small.

Check the zippers and fabric often, and follow manufacturer care instructions on the label.

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