Caring for a Folding Camping Chair

Your average folding camping chair has a pretty rough life. It gets tossed into a trunk, driven to a remote campsite, thrown to the ground, and then it gets sat on. A folding camping chair gets crammed, shoved, yanked, and pulled on. The truth is that most people don’t think about care or maintenance for camping chairs. With proper care however, a good camping chair should last a lifetime.

Unlike hiking boots or camping tents, a folding camping chair doesn’t need to be replaced regularly. If you take good care of your chair, that is. Here are a few maintenance and care tips to ensure that your camping chair lasts as long as possible.

Keep the flames away

Your going to get a lot of use out of your camping chair next to a campfire. Whether you’re toasting marshmallows, enjoying your favorite brew, or just bonding with friends and family, your camping chair will be there to support you.

Of course, embers or hot rocks can pop out of the fire. OR maybe you hop up and forget to move your chair back a bit. Keep your camping chair a safe distance from the campfire in order to prevent burns and holes.

Keep the rain away

Moisture and precipitation can weaken chair fabrics and lead to mildew. Move your camping chair under a tarp or rain cover, or toss your chairs in your vehicle over night. This helps ensure a dry seat in the morning.

Treat your gear with care

Camping chairs aren’t exactly fragile or delicate. They’re meant to be used, and they can handle a fair amount of abuse. That being said, taking care of your equipment, regardless of what it is, makes it last longer.

Don’t yank your chair out of it’s carrying bag, throw it to the ground, and rip it open. Carefully assemble your camping chair, and go easy on it.

Sit in style

You know how your elementary school teacher would get on to you for leaning back in your chair? The same principle applies with folding camping chairs. Don’t lean in them.

The risk of injury aside, leaning in your camping chair can put stress on the back legs, seat fabric, or folding mechanism of the chair. In other words, sitting in a chair in a way that chair wasn’t designed for will increase the likelihood that it will break.

Don’t plop

Dropping into your chair with all your might is a sure fire way to shorten your camping chair’s lifespan. This can rip the seat or put unnecessary strain on the chair legs. Show off those hiking muscles and lower yourself down into your chair.

Inspect your chair

Take the time after each use to examine your chair and look for damage. Tighten bolts or screws, and make repairs before materials fail. For example, if you notice the fabric starting to tear, your can reinforce the area with stitches or gear repair tape before it rips.

Store your chairs properly

Make sure that your camping chair is stored in its sleeve to help protect it. Remove dirt and grime before storing it, and let the chair dry completely before storage.

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