Is a Lightweight Sleeping Bag Worth the Price?

There’s this idea surrounding camping gear, especially backpacking gear, that lighter is better. Of course, lightweight camping equipment often comes at a higher price. Sometimes it makes sense to pay more money for lighter gear, but is a lightweight sleeping bag one of those items? As with all outdoor gear, it really depends on the type of camping you do and how often you do it.

Understanding your individual needs is one of the most important things that you can do when deciding to buy camping equipment and outdoor gear. Here are some things to consider when deciding whether or not a lightweight sleeping bag is right for you.

Car campers can handle the weight

Car campers don’t need a super lightweight sleeping bag. Space and weight aren’t concerns with car camping, so you can save some money and buy a sleeping bag that weighs a bit more.

Casual campers can save a few bucks.

People who go backpacking once a year in near perfect conditions probably don’t need to spend the money on a super lightweight sleeping bag. You can get by with a heavier sleeping bag, and save a lot of money.

Those who get out on the regular in harsh conditions and extreme environments may benefit from having a lightweight sleeping bag, and can justify the spending big on a bag.

Look for other ways to improve your sleep set up.

Saving weight on a sleeping bag shouldn’t be your starting point. Instead, look at your sleep system as a whole. Consider the weight on your sleeping bag along with your sleeping pad and sleeping bag liner, and consider the temperature ratings of these items collectively.

If you can’t get your pack weight down to where you want it after looking at pads and liners, then you should consider making a purchase on a lightweight sleeping bag.

Lightweight doesn’t always mean expensive.

Lightweight sleeping bags aren’t always overpriced. Weight isn’t the only thing that determines the price of gear. Sure, it often factors into the overall price you pay, but materials, construction, and brand all play into the price as well. There are plenty of affordable lightweight sleeping bags.

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