Your After-Hiking Checklist

There’s no question that you need to think about the gear you take with you on a hike. A hiking checklist is a great way to make sure that you have everything you need for your time on the trail. The gear that you bring while hiking ensures that you stay safe, comfortable, and otherwise prepared mile after mile, but you should think about the gear you have in your vehicle after the hike as well. Being prepared doesn’t end when you finish your hike. An after hiking checklist can provide comfort and peace of mind for the end of the day.

Why would you want an after hiking checklist?

Putting together an after hiking checklist allows you to reduce pack weight, improve your comfort on the ride home, and it can even provide a lifeline after a long day on the trail. Here are a few things to get your after hiking checklist started.


Keep a water bottle ready in the car for the ride home. This can be refreshing, or may just help you stave off dehydration.


Store some food for after the hike to hold you over and speed up your recovery.


Your hiking socks are probably soaked in sweat and stomped thin. Nothing beats the feeling of pulling on pair of clean and fluffy socks after a long hike.


Your hiking boots or trail shoes give you traction, support, and protection. You don’t need these things once you’re off the trail, however. Some comfy slip-on shoes, or a pair of flip flops, allow your feet to relax and recover.

Change of clothes

Maybe you fell in the river, you sweated through your shirt, or got caught in the rain. You don’t necessarily need to change clothes, but at least you’ll have the option. The pub or burger joint patrons will appreciate it.


Your after hiking checklist must include chargers. Setting your phone to airplane mode is a good way to preserve the battery, but if you forget, your battery will drain in a matter of hours.


Dry off the rain, river, or sweat. Towels are also great for wiping down dirty or muddy gear and keeping your rig clean.

What tickles your fancy

Add anything else that will brighten your mood and lift your spirits after a hard day (or more) of hiking. Maybe it’s a playlist or CD. Perhaps it’s a bag of gummy worms. It could be a foam roller, or a can of your favorite beer!

Theft at the trailhead

If you’re lucky you can hike your whole life without ever having to deal with it, but it’s a sad truth that trailhead theft happens.

While it’s sometimes nice to have an after hiking checklist with some belongings to keep in your vehicle after a hike, you don’t want leave anything that you can’t part with.

Also, make sure that if you do leave belongings in your car they aren’t visible. Stash items in the trunk, in a stowed compartment, or under your seats to make them hard to see.


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