How to Choose a Backpacking Camping Chair

Choosing a camping chair for car camping or general use is pretty straightforward. Think about how you’re going to use your chair, what features you want, and figure out your price range. Choosing a backpacking camping chair, however, is a little more complicated. You still have to consider price, features, and use, but weight and space are arguably more important factors to consider. Here’s some general information to help you choose a lightweight camping chair for backpacking.

Under two pounds

A backpacking camping chair needs to be light. There’s not a lot of wiggle room in this department. The more your chair weighs, the harder you have to work on the trail.

Look for a camping chair that weighs less than 2 lbs. Some people are willing to deal with a little extra weight for added comfort, but anything over 3 pounds should be reconsidered.

Fits in your pack

Camping chairs for backpacking need to be small. Ideally all of your backpacking gear should fit in your backpack. This means you won’t have to strap gear to the outside, or even worse, let it dangle.

Sometimes this can’t be avoided, but generally speaking, if something is too large for your pack, it’s not suited for backpacking. This means that a backpacking camping chair definitely needs to be small enough to fit in your pack.

There are exceptions, however. Flat, lightweight chairs – such as Crazy Creek chairs – can easily be strapped to the exterior of a pack, they don’t move around, and they won’t throw off your balance.

Comfort is key

It doesn’t make sense to carry around a chair if it isn’t comfortable. You’re better off saving the weight and leaving the chair at home at that point.

Some people can make do with a stool, but for others back support is a must have. Stools are better than nothing, but there are plenty of great lightweight backpacking chairs with back rests.

Test out camping chairs at your local outdoor gear store to find one that’s right for you. Sit in each one for a few minutes, change sitting positions, and really see if you like the seat.


Check to see how to setup and breakdown your camping chair. Some are good to go immediately, some unfold, and others assemble. Again, you want to test out different chairs and see what it’s like to set them up and pack them away.

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