Should I Pack a Lightweight Camping Chair on a Hike?

A camping chair – even a lightweight camping chair – takes up space and weight in a hiking pack. Since space in a hiking pack and the amount of weight you can carry on a backpacking trip are finite, you have to know when to do without. So is the comfort of a lightweight camping chair worth the weight and space that it occupies?

Lightweight camping chairs for backpacking

Camping chairs come in lots of different flavors. A lightweight camping chair can weigh less than 2 pounds, and while they can take up quite a bit of space, it’s not so much space that they are impractical for backpacking trips.

In fact, there’s a growing market for lightweight chairs made specifically for backpackers. Many find that they prefer the comfort of a chair, and they’re willing to deal with the extra weight and space that the chair takes up.

Of course, others may prefer to travel fast and light, and they are only willing to carry the essentials.

Ask yourself the following questions if you’re trying to decide whether or not a lightweight camping chair is right for you.

How light do you want your pack?

A lightweight camping chair isn’t a necessity. Some trails have makeshift stone or log chairs at campsites, and some trails go through maintained campgrounds with picnic tables. You can find a seat, or simply sit on the ground, your pack, or some other piece of equipment.

You can find seating, or do without. So if counting ounces is your thing, leave the camping chair at home.

How much space do you have in your pack?

If you have ample room for a chair, then it wouldn’t hurt to bring it. If you find yourself choosing between gear, or strapping gear to the outside of your back, you should consider leaving the chair at home.

How long is your trip?

The longer you’re on the trail, the more you will appreciate simple things, like a comfortable lightweight camping chair. Sitting on rocks or damp ground for 2 or 3 days isn’t a big deal. Doing that for 2 or 3 weeks can be too uncomfortable for some, however.

How much do you value comfort?

Some people find it easier than others to be comfortable. Can you make do sitting on a log after a 15 mile day with 20-30 pounds on your back, or do you need a chair to help you recoup for the next day? Some would be more than willing to lug around an extra 1.5 to 2 pounds for a cozy perch at the campsite.


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