12 Tips for Camping in the Rain

Camping in the rain can be a very pleasant experience. There’s something oddly satisfying about the sound of rain pattering on a rainfly and the sight of an empty campground. Of course staying comfortable while camping in the rain can be a real challenge. Here are twelve tips to help you enjoy your time in a tent when the forecast calls for rain.

1. Treat your equipment before heading out

Check your gear at least a week before you plan on heading out. This gives you time to patch tears and rips, check the seams, wash, and reapply waterproofing as necessary.

2. Choose the right campsite

You want a campsite that’s at a higher elevation, level, and without big holes that could pool with water.

Don’t camp too close to water sources in heavy rains.

Trees can provide extra protection from the rain.

3. Bring tarps

You can never bring too many tarps when camping in the rain.

  • Use tarps as a ground cover beneath your tent footprint.
  • Lay a tarp down inside your tent for extra protection from moisture.
  • Hang a tarp above your tent for extra protection.
  • Hang tarps to create a covered space for you to stay dry outside of your tent.

4. Carry cordage

Create a drying line for clothing and gear, and use cord to hang your tarps.

5. Rain gear is a must have

If you’re camping in the rain, you need to have the appropriate rain gear.

  • Rain jacket
  • Hardshell pants or waterproof pants
  • Waterproof boots or shoes
  • Poncho
  • Rain hat
  • Waterproof gloves
  • Etc. — your favorite rain gear, if we’ve left it out

6. Watertight storage

You need to keep your gear dry. Waterproof or watertight storage can help with this.

  • Waterproof dry bags
  • 5-gallon buckets
  • Snap lid storage bins
  • Trash bags
  • Etc.

Make sure that you bring extra trash bags or containers to store wet gear, too. This can help keep other gear, or your vehicle, from getting soaked

7. Extra clothing

You don’t want to mess around with hypothermia. Hypothermia can even set in on a summer night once rain is in the mix.

Bring extra clothing in case your clothes get soaked. At the very least bring an extra set of dry clothes to sleep in.

Avoid cotton clothing and go for synthetic or merino wool apparel and base layers.

8. Bring your own firewood

There’s no guarantee that you can get a fire started with wet wood. Bring your own firewood if you want to build a campfire after storms roll through.

9. Towels, towels, and more towels

Bring plenty of towels in case you need to dry gear or the inside of your tent.

Make sure you keep at least one dry towel to dry off gear before heading home.


10. Pack a stove

Hot meals and hot beverages aren’t optional for camping in the rain. They provide comfort and keep your spirits high.

Pack a camping stove or backpacking stove.

11. Live it up

You’re bound to spend a lot of time at your campsite when you’re camping in the rain. Make sure that it’s a place you want to stay.

Bring cards, a book, pen and paper, party games, and plenty of things to keep your crew entertained.

Bring enough camp furniture – such as camping chairs, camping tables, etc. – for a comfortable and relaxing camp setup.

12. Keep a positive attitude

If you don’t want to get wet, then you can stay at home. Don’t let a little rain bring you down. Enjoy yourself.

When you get home…

Remember to let all of your gear dry when you get home before storing it again. Visit Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters for rain gear and camping equipment in Northwest Arkansas!

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