5 Ways to Improve Your Lightweight Backpacking Setup

The trick to lightweight backpacking is reducing the weight of your pack without completely sacrificing comfort and safety. You can, after all, head out on the trail with no pack at all, but you’ll be miserable and it can be dangerous. If you’re interested in whittling down pack weight, here are 5 ways to improve your lightweight backpacking setup.

Learn to do without

Don’t skimp on the necessities, but learn to do without the luxuries. Identify what you truly need, and consider getting rid of the things that you don’t need.

There’s a big mental aspect to ultralight or lightweight backpacking. The fewer comforts you have, the more you must prepare yourself for the dirty, tiring, and difficult times that can accompany backpacking.

Know how much your gear weighs

Weigh everything on a scale, and write these weights down.

It’s good to know that your loaded pack weighs 25.5 pounds, but knowing the exact weight of all of your gear can help you assess which areas you need to work on losing weight, and which items you can entirely do without.

Choose the right foods

You can leave gear at home to lighten the load, but the same can’t be said for food. You need calories while backpacking, and lots of them. That’s why you should choose calorie-dense foods for backpacking.

Look outside the world of backpacking gear

You don’t always need gear designed for backpacking or dedicated outdoor gear. In fact, using other items instead can help get your ounce count down.

Trash bags are a nice lightweight alternative to dry bags or pack covers.

Re-using disposable plastic bottles instead of bigger, heavier reusable bottles can help save weight.

Bleach can purify water and weighs much less than a water filter.

Invest in lightweight backpacking gear

You can omit gear from your pack list, and you can come up with crafty alternative backpacking gear, but sometimes you can’t cut pack weight without getting lighter outdoor gear.

If your hiking backpack weighs 10 pounds unpacked, there’s nothing that you can do to make that pack lighter.The same goes for your big, heavy tent or cook pot.

Look for lightweight backpacking packs, and lightweight materials such as titanium or carbon fiber. Light backpacking gear comes at a price, however. Expect to pay more for lighter gear.

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