What is Micarta?

Micarta is a popular material used in survival knives and some everyday carry knives… but just what is micarta? While it’s a popular material among knife manufacturers, you might not know much about micarta knife handles or micarta knife scales.

What is Micarta exactly?

Micarta is actually a brand name for a variety of composite materials. However, Micarta is kind of like Kleenex or Coke now in that it has become a general term.

Micarta is composite material made from fabric and resin. It’s basically made by soaking layers of linen, canvas, paper, or other cloth material in resin and pressing those layers together. Many different resins and fibers can be used to make micarta.

While micarta is often used for knife handles and micarta knife scales, there are lots of other uses for micarta. The composite is used to make counter tops, propeller blades, hard hats, and many other durable products.

Why do people like micarta knife handles?

Micarta is extremely hard and durable, and it holds up for a long time through rigorous use. Knife handles and knife scales made from micarta retain their shape exceptionally well.

But high strength doesn’t mean heavy weight with micarta. It’s still a very lightweight material despite its high strength.

The texture of micarta doesn’t change as much as wood, rubber, bone, or other knife handle materials when wet. This allows for a better grip in rainy or wet conditions.

It’s also aesthetically pleasing. It looks nice, and has nice texture that feels really good in the hand.

Another reason it’s such a popular knife handle material is because it’s easy to shape and it’s easy to customize. Micarta comes in lots of different colors, textures, shapes, and sizes.

What’s the difference between micarta and G10?

While micarta and G10 are very similar materials, they aren’t quite the same thing.

The process and materials used are all very similar in micarta, G10, and carbon fiber composites. The main distinction between micarta and G10 is that G10 is made from glass cloth (fiberglass) – and epoxy resin, whereas micarta – in it’s general usage – is typically made from cotton cloth.

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