Everything You Need for a Day of Sport Climbing in Arkansas

Arkansas has some truly world-class rock climbing. People literally travel the globe to get their hands on Arkansas sandstone. Whether you’re new to the sport – or you just want an easy list to reference when you’re hurriedly packing for a day at the crag – here’s everything you need for a day of sport climbing in Arkansas!

Rock climbing gear

There are many different types of rock climbing, but here’s the climbing gear that you need for sport climbing.

  • Dynamic climbing rope
  • Climbing harness
  • Quick draws
  • Locking carabiner (for belaying and for cleaning your route)
  • Belay device
  • Chalk bag
  • Climbing chalk (we like Friction Labs climbing chalk!)
  • Climbing shoes
  • Boars hair brush

Arkansas rock climbing guide book

Don’t forget the guidebook! We carry Arkansas Rock climbing and bouldering guidebooks in store!

Packs and bags

Some climbers like to carry their climbing rope in a rope bag. This helps keep your rope contained and many rope bags provide a surface to protect your rope while in use. Rope bags are useful and convenient, but not entirely necessary. Every climber needs a day pack, however.



Sport climbing requires a lot of energy, and if you don’t keep yourself nourished you’ll see your strength steadily disappear throughout the day. Food bars, jerky, and energy gels are all great options that won’t leave you feeling weighed down, but you may want something more substantial. Here are some ideas for foods to take when sport climbing.

Stay hydrated! Bring plenty of water and remember that the hotter it is, the more water you need.

First aid

Pack a basic first aid kit and include:

  • Skin repair – hand salves or balms
  • Sunscreen
  • Lip balm
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Nail clippers
  • Athletic tape
  • Toilet paper


24 Hours of Horseshoe Hell shows us that you can climb in whatever you want to climb in. Dress for the weather and wear clothing that allows good range of motion.

Always pack a rain jacket for surprise rainstorms, to block the wind, for extra insulation, etc.


Even if you’re only spending half a day at an area as popular as the North 40, it’s a good idea to pack the outdoor essentials.

Depending on the area you’re going you may need extra items such as a headlamp, emergency blanket, shelter, permits, permission, etc.


Looking for a place to get rock climbing gear in Northwest Arkansas? Stop by Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters for climbing, bouldering, or any outdoor equipment you need before your next climb!

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