Staying Warm When It’s Windy

Wind chill is no joke. Don’t just check the highs and lows when you’re about to head outdoors for an extended period of time. Check the windchill, too. You can be adequately dressed for a certain temperature, but start freezing once the wind kicks in. Staying warm when it’s windy is more difficult than you might think, however. You don’t want to put so many layers on that you overheat. This is especially true when it comes to activities like hiking, biking, or climbing where you generate lots of heat. Here are a few tips for staying warm when the wind is whipping.

Start with a warm base layer

Your base layer makes or breaks your entire layering system. A good cold weather base layer wicks away moisture, provides extra insulation, and creates an extra barrier between you and the wind. Be sure to wear a top and bottom base layer.

Keep those digits toasty

The wind will suck every last bit of warmth out of your hands, and ice cold hands will ruin anybody’s day. Pull on some warm gloves or mittens to keep your hands warm and toasty.

Mittens provide the most warmth, but gloves allow more dexterity.

Strap on a cap

An old army field manual started the myth that we lose half of our body heat through our heads. Research has since disproved this figure, but you do lose a fair amount of heat through your head. Plus, nobody like cold ears, so put on a hat or headband, or pull on your hood.

Cinch it

Howling winds have a way of creeping into each and every crack and crevice. Make sure that you don’t have any skin exposed, and cinch everything that can be cinched including hoods, cuffs, waistlines, etc.

Get windproof

You won’t truly appreciate windproof jackets, hats, and gloves until you own them. Outdoor apparel and accessories made from WINDSTOPPER┬« or a similar material change the game and make you feel invincible.

Softshells also offer some wind resistance, and most hard shells are virtually windproof.

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