5 Ways to Increase Comfort While Backpacking

Backpacking is about roughing it and supporting yourself on the trail for an extended period of time. Still, you want to be relatively comfortable while you’re at it. Here are five ways that you can increase comfort while backpacking!

Pack lighter

Each step you take on the trail gets more challenging with every ounce you add to your backpack. One of the easiest ways to increase comfort while backpacking is to leave things at home. Eliminate the unnecessary, and embrace the minimalist approach for a few days.

Get the right fit

Getting fit for a hiking pack is life changing. Once you get a proper fitting hiking backpack, you’ll realize what you’ve been missing your whole life, and you can never have an ill-fitting pack again.

The best way to fit a pack? Head to your local outdoor gear or outdoor sporting goods store. Sure, you can try to follow online tutorials to fit a hiking pack, but you’re better off getting fit at a backpacking gear store.

Footwear is key

Getting the right footwear may be the most important way to increase comfort while hiking. Your footwear, of course, needs to fit properly, but it doesn’t stop at your hiking boots or trail running shoes.

Invest in merino wool hiking socks, which provide comfort, cushion, support, and temperature regulation that cotton can’t match.

Also, consider sock liners to help eliminate blisters and extend the wear-time on your socks.

Learn to layer

Layering isn’t just a simple matter of throwing on a bunch of clothing. There’s a bit more too it than that. Here’s what layering should look like.

  • Wicking base layer
  • Insulating mid layer (also technical hiking pants)
  • Softshell or hardshell outer layer

That’s layering basics 101. Of course, it takes experience as well as a good understanding of how your body responds in weather conditions, and during activities, to truly dial it in. Here’s some more information about layering for outdoor activities.

Identify simple comforts

A sofa and air conditioning provide lots of comfort, but you can’t bring that with you while backpacking. That’s why it’s important to identify those simple little things that can provide lots of comfort.

Sometimes comfort comes from things you can easily pack:

  • A bar of dark chocolate
  • A hot cup of coffee, cider, or tea
  • Headphones and a good playlist
  • A good book
  • Hand warmers
  • A hammock

Be sure to stop by Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters for any backpacking gear or backpacking supplies before your next trip outdoors!

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