What to Look for In An Everyday Carry Knife

An everyday carry knife is self-explanatory. The name says it all. Everyday carry knives, or EDC knives, are those that you carry around with you on any given day. Whether you’re doing yard work, running errands, going in to the office, or heading out for a day hike, an EDC knife should be able to meet your need without slowing you down.

Here’s what makes an EDC knife worth carrying, and what to look for in an everyday carry knife. Not all knives fit perfectly into these little boxes, but thinking about these factors can help you choose the right knife.


The point of carrying a knife is to have a useful tool for a range of tasks throughout your normal day. Of course, a normal day looks different to different people, so what’s practical for one person may not be practical for another.

A practical EDC knife for a librarian looks different from a practical EDC knife for a rancher, for example. That rancher who uses a knife regularly throughout the day might benefit from a serrated fixed blade he can attach to his belt. The librarian might just need a small drop point folding knife he can slide into his pocket.

Think about how you will use a knife throughout a normal day to determine what a practical knife looks like.


Weight, length, and width make up how portable – or easy to carry – a knife is. For many, the goal for an EDC knife is to have one you don’t notice. This is easier to accomplish for some than for others.

You may be the type that has no issue loading your pockets with change, lip balm, trinkets, a handkerchief, your phone, wallet, some hard candy, and anything else you might want throughout the day. Others feel bogged down with anything more than their phone in their pockets.

There’s not an ideal knife weight or knife size – that is unless your state has laws limiting knife size – for an everyday carry knife. It’s just a matter of what you’re comfortable with.


What your knife looks like and feels like are important, but think about how you’re actually going to use your knife.

  • Some like serration, but it can be difficult to sharpen a serrated knife. It eliminates a lot of usable blade space unless you cut rope or cord on a regular basis.
  • Make sure you get a blade that can hold an edge. Look for a good hard steel otherwise you’re left with a dull, dangerous blade, or you have to sharpen your knife constantly.
  • Mulitools aren’t normally considered EDC knives, but they’re hard to beat when it comes to functionality. They have just about every tool for every job, although some would say they’re overkill for an EDC.

Of course choosing an EDC knife ultimately pares down to preference. Some prefer lightweight simplicity while others want big, burly reliability. We have one of the best knife selections in Northwest Arkansas. Stop by Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters when it’s time to choose your next knife or multitool!

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