7 Easy Breakfast Ideas for Camping

Sometimes you want to get up and go, and sometimes you want to take it easy. Either way, quick and simple breakfasts are ideal for camping. Here are seven easy camping breakfast ideas for you to try on your next camping trip.

Instant pancakes

Pancakes are a classic camping breakfast, and several brands make ready to go pancake mixes that just need water. If you want an easy camping breakfast that’s hot, filling, and tasty, pancakes are the way to go.

Instant oatmeal

Even regular oats make for a quick and easy camping breakfast, but instant oatmeal is one of the easiest options out there. Boil up some water (even warm water will do) and add it to your oats. Try making instant oatmeal directly in the package for breezy clean-up.

Eggs in a bottle

Want eggs in the woods, but don’t want to deal with keeping them safe from breaking? Crack a few eggs in a jar, bottle, or container before leaving the house for campfire scrambled eggs.

Food bars

Eating a cold granola bar isn’t exactly a satisfying camping breakfast. However, food bars require no cooking or prepping, they’re super easy, and there’s no clean-up. You can scarf a couple of bars down on your hike to the crag.


Fresh fruit is a light, refreshing, and nutritious camping breakfast. Plus, there’s little to no clean-up depending on your fruit.

Peanut butter

Peanut butter is an outdoor enthusiasts best friend. It’s filling and loaded with nutrients to keep you going. Spread it on a tortilla or on a sandwich while you’re getting your gear together for the day.

Ready made options

Packaged muffins, donuts, toaster pastries, etc. are super easy and super convenient. Sure, they don’t taste as good as a fire-cooked breakfast, but they free up your time to focus on hiking instead of cooking and clean-up.


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