How to Upgrade Your Winter Sleep System

Having the right sleep system is key if you want to stay warm while camping. An inadequate sleep setup will chill you to the bone and leave you delirious with fatigue the next morning. Stay warm in your tent during cold weather with these tips to upgrade your winter sleep system.

Get in a liner

The first thing that you should do to upgrade your sleep system is invest in a sleeping bag liner. Sleeping bag liners up your sleep system’s temperature rating, and they help protect your sleeping bag.

A liner contains your grime and is easy to remove and wash. Keep in mind that different liners have different temperature ratings, so be sure to get one that will be warm enough for you.

Padding your setup

A sleeping pad is the next area to look at. Sometimes adding or replacing a pad means the difference between a wide-eyed night of shivering and a visit to slumberland. Check the R-value on your pad, and shoot for an R-value of 5 or more for cold weather camping.

If your sleeping pad comes up short, you can often get away with sliding an extra closed cell foam pad beneath your regular pad instead of buying an expensive new sleeping pad or air mattress.

Wrap up

Bring a blanket. This isn’t practical for backpackers, but car campers can save some money and stay warm while camping in cold weather by adding a blanket.

Throw a blanket on top of your sleeping bag, or wrap it beneath your pad and cover up taco-style. An extra blanket adds a surprising amount of warmth to your sleep system, and it won’t cost you anything.


You can also upgrade your winter sleep system by wearing the right layers to bed. Wearing dry, loose-fitting, insulating layers will help you stay warm while sleeping in a tent. Top it all off with a hat and a neck gaiter.

Get a better bag

Of course, sometimes you have to bite the bullet and buy a warmer sleeping bag. This is usually the last thing to check off the list because it will be the most expensive. However, sometimes this expense can’t be avoided if you want to get outdoors in cold weather.

Sleeping bags come in a range of temperature ratings, but you can’t rely on rating alone. The best way to choose the right sleeping bag is by going to your local outdoor sporting goods store, or local outdoor gear shop, and trying bags on for size! We’d love to help you find the sleeping bag that’s right for you. Stop by Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters in Fayetteville, Arkansas today!

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