5 Easy Ways to Be a Better Backpacker

Being good at backpacking isn’t a matter of pace. It’s not about how many trails you’ve done. Backpacking is about self-reliance and enjoying your experiences out in nature. Whether you’ve just started backpacking or you’ve been at it for years there’s always room for improvement. Here are five things that you can do to be a better backpacker.

Push yourself

One easy way to be a better backpacker is simply making a conscious effort to try hard. You’ll be surprised what you’re capable of when you push yourself.

Just remember that pushing yourself is about your own capabilities rather than comparing yourself to others.

Experience, fitness level, pack weight, and gait all affect how quickly or easily you can cover distance and different types of terrain. You don’t have to keep up with the 6’4″ triathlete when you’re a 5’4″ couch potato.

Stay positive

This is another thing that you can do to immediately improve your backpacking. Hiking can be hard, and adding 20-30 pounds on your back makes it even more challenging. You might get cold, you might get wet, and you might be tired. Maybe you step in quicksand.

Staying cheerful and maintaining a positive attitude will improve your experience on the trail.

Embrace the unexpected

Sometimes no amount of planning will prepare you for what happens on the trail. Be aware of this, and be OK with it. Fretting about things going wrong won’t help the situation. It only makes the situation worse.

Accept the unexpected will happen from time to time, go with the flow, and view adventure as a good thing!

Hike more

Sometimes being a better backpacker takes time. Improving your hiking can make you a better backpacker, and the best way to get better at hiking is to put in the miles.

Hiking helps you build hiking strength and endurance, but more importantly it helps you build experience.

Leave No Trace

Being a better backpacker isn’t always about improving yourself. Improving the experience of others by reducing your impact on the trail, is a great way to be a better backpacker.

Always practice Leave No Trace etiquette whenever you’re hiking, backpacking, or otherwise spending time in nature.


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