11 Useful, Universal Tent Tips

Camping tent set up often varies by brand and model. Sometimes the differences between two tents are slight, but sometimes they’re significant enough to give you fits when pitching an unfamiliar tent. That being said, there are a number of general tent tips that apply to most tents. From pitching your tent to storing your tent for your next adventure, here are some useful camping tent tips.

Setting up your tent

The best way to learn how to set up a tent is to get out and use it. Practice setting up your tent, and get a feel for it. You’ll quickly learn how to set up your tent properly and efficiently. The more you pitch your tent, the better and the faster you’ll learn how to set it up.

Wind direction

Always consider which direction the wind is blowing when pitching your tent. Set up your tent with the narrow side facing the wind.

Invest in a ground cover

Get a footprint or a tarp to protect your tent floor from rips, tears, punctures, and moisture.

Use your rain fly

Your rain fly doesn’t just have to be used when it’s raining. The tent fly helps trap in warmth, and protects your tent from rips and tears.

String up guy lines

This helps provide extra support and durability to your tent. Setting up guy lines on your tent especially important in high winds.

Stake your tent

Staking your tent prevents you from having to fish your tent out of the lake. It can also help prevent unnecessary damage to your tent.

Remove your shoes

It’s amazing what taking your shoes off can do for your tent. Removing your shoes will, of course, keep your tent clean, but it can also prevent possible tearing of your tent.

Dry your tent

Always thoroughly dry your tent before putting it away from storage. Wet tents breed mold and mildew.

Clean your tent

A little love goes a long way when it comes to caring for your tent. Emptying your tent of grass and debris, cleaning zippers, and spot washing your tent with a mild detergent can greatly extend the life of your tent.

Inspect your tent

Small tears, and slightly misaligned zippers are small problems that render your tent unusable over time. Look over your tent on a regular basis and make repairs while they’re still easy to make.

Store your tent

You’ve cleaned your tent, you’ve inspected it, you’ve dried it, and you’ve repaired your tent. Now it’s time to store your tent in a cool, dry place out of direct sunlight.

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