Gift Ideas for Campers

Choosing gifts for campers can be a challenge. It’s not that people who enjoy camping are hard to shop for, though. It’s just that more often than not someone who spends their weekends camping already has all of the outdoor gear and camping supplies you can think of. Here are a few gift ideas for people who go camping. Hopefully this list of gifts for campers will help you out this holiday season.

Wool blanket

A wool blanket is actually super useful for people who love camping and spending time outdoors. They can be used as a seat cover, picnic blanket, ground cover, a towel, a windscreen.. and, you know, a blanket. It can also be beautiful, soft, and luxurious, if that’s what you’re after.

Water container

A large water container is a great gift for car campers and it’s something that not everyone will go out and buy.

Camp chairs

Maintained campgrounds often have picnic tables, but there’s no beating the comfort of a good portable camp chair.

Camp table

A collapsible camp table at the campsite is like having an extra hand.

Camp stove

A camp stove or backpacking stove are great gift ideas for campers who love to cook.


A camp saw is a great gift for campers who like to have a good campfire – i.e. everyone who goes camping.


Use cordage to practice knots, secure gear, rig up a tarp, or anything that requires a spare bit of rope. Paracord is strong, lightweight, and compact.

Hiking pack

A small day hiking pack will help campers take their adventures beyond the boundaries of their tent.

French press

A french press is the perfect gift for campers who take their coffee seriously.


Duffel bags

Cut down car to campsite walking trips with a duffel bag that’s big enough to haul lots of camping gear in a single trip.

Steel pint

You don’t want to bring breakable glassware and you don’t want to buy disposable cups. Enter the steel pint glass. Perfect for water, coffee, your favorite brew, and anything that requires a cup. You can even eat out of these bad boys.

Insulated pint

Like the steel pint, but it keeps hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.

Portable charger

Solar chargers and portable USB chargers both make great gift ideas for campers who love their gadgets.


A headlamp is a great gift for anyone, really. Every house, car, and campsite needs some type o illumination, and a headlamp provides hands-free lighting.


Great for fixing gear, first, aid, cooking, and more. A multitool is a great gift for campers.


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