Hike Lighter With These 5 Simple Tips

People are always looking for ways to reduce pack weight and hike lighter. The less your pack weighs, the more comfortable you will be on your hike. Here are backpacking tips to help you hike lighter.

Get down

Down insulated sleeping bags and jackets provide warmth without weighing you down.

A cold night can be a sleepless night if you don’t have a warm enough sleeping bag. While synthetic insulation is starting to get close, down is still the ounce-for-ounce champ when it comes to warmth to weight ratio. A down sweater and a down sleeping bag can help keep you warm and whittle down your pack weight.

Do without

Identify things that you don’t need, and do yourself a favor. Don’t pack them.

This is a really difficult thing to embrace. You always think you need more than you actually do. Keep an ongoing list of backpacking gear that you don’t use on the trail. If there’s gear you consistently bring without using, leave those things at home next time.

Eat food

Food takes up a lot of weight, and eating your food will help you hike lighter.

Backpacking burns a lot of calories. It’s almost impossible to avoid a calorie deficit if you’re hiking for a full day. That’s why it’s important to bring plenty of food. Dehydrated meals, pasta, rice, etc, are lightweight backpacking meal options, but don’t forget to factor in caloric density.

Learn something

Replacing gear with outdoor skills and knowledge is a great way to reduce pack weight.

It’s easy to get your hiking pack to weigh under 10 pounds. All you have to do is not pack things. Getting a sub 10-pound pack weight while being safe and well-equipped for the trail is what’s difficult.

Hike with friends

Divide the weight among a group to help everyone hike lighter.

You can take an “every man for himself” approach, but hiking with a group provides the advantage of dispersing the weight evenly.

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