Gift Ideas for Rock Climbers

Photo credit: Gideon Haden ChomphosyRock climbers are a strange bunch. When they’re not researching the benefits of shark cartilage, applying antihydral to their hands, or miming the sequence of their latest project, they’re out in nature trying to find the most difficult way to get to the top of a rock.

If you can’t get in that mindset and are having trouble thinking of gifts for rock climbers, you’re not alone. Fortunately, we’re here to help! Here are a few gift ideas for the rock climbers in your life.

Friction labs chalk

Climbing chalk is essential for rock climbing, and climbers go through lots of it. While there are lots of different types of climbing chalk, Friction Lab makes the best.


Climbers like to hang out. Literally. Hangboards are great for improving grip strength as well as strength and endurance training. Metolius hangboards are reliable workhorses at a good price point.


Anyone who spends time outdoors should have a good multitool. We recommend Leatherman multitools.

Hand salve

Climbers tend to fuss over their skin, and not just any old moisturizer will do. Get a dedicated hand salve from brands like Joshua Tree, Climb On, or ClimbSkin.

Climbing shoes

When it comes to gifts for rock climbers, this is one of the big ticket items. Of course, it can be difficult to buy the right pair of climbing shoes unless you know the exact size, brand, and model.

Fitting climbing shoes an be tricky. The best way to fit climbing shoes is to go to your local outdoor goods store and try them on

Chalk buckets

This is not simply a bucket of chalk (which would make a strange gift for anyone other than a climber). Climbing chalk buckets are large cloth bags with a large opening designed to hold ample amounts of climbing chalk. We like Organic chalk buckets.

Chalk bags

The baby brother of the chalk bucket. Chalk buckets are for bouldering, whereas climbing chalk bags are good for boulderers as well as sport and trad climbers.


Some people prefer technical t-shirts, but nothing beats the comfort and classic style of a cotton tee.

We carry t-shirts from local brands like Fayettechill, nativ, and Cavecloth!

Dynamic rope

Don’t be static, be dynamic! Rock climbing requires a dynamic rope that softens falls while climbing. There are lots of good climbing rope brads out there.

Crash pad

A climbing crash pad is a boulderers best friend. Crash pads can save a climber from serious injury, so you want to make sure you’ve got a good one.

Athletic tape

Dragging your knuckles across Arkansas sandstone tends to do a little bit of damage to your hands and fingers. Keep them covered when things get rough with some athletic tape.


Tape, chalk, brushes – what seems like the start of a super boring elementary school art class supplies list turns out to be great gift ideas for climbers. We like Lapis boar’s hair brushes. A boar’s hair brush is the way to go. The bristles absorb moisture, oils, and keep the rock dry and friction-ful.


You know, for looking cool and protecting your eyes from the sun. We carry a great selection of sunglasses in our shop!


Some climbers take their sport seriously, train hard, and go into it super prepared. Others roll out of bed an hour after they wanted to leave town and bolt for the boulder fields with nothing but their climbing shoes and maybe a bottle of water, if they remember to grab it.

Give the gift of easy, convenient, non-perishable climbing food. EPIC bars, Clif bars, GU gels, and Clif Bloks will help climbers keep their energy levels up.


Whether they’re camping out at their project all day or camping at the campground over night, a hammock is a great way to keep climbers comfortable an relaxed. We like ENO hammocks and Grand Trunk hammocks.

Camp chair

Climbers need to relax after a long day of sending or failing. Camp chairs are great gifts for climbers who have all of their climbing gear covered.


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