Outdoorsy Stocking Stuffers

It’s often difficult to shop for people who spend a lot of time outdoors. They either already have 2 of everything, or they are super particular about the types of outdoor gear that they own. Don’t worry about making big, expensive purchases for your fussy outdoorsy friends and family members.

Here are some small gifts and stocking stuffers for outdoorsy folk.


Keep it in your car, toss it in your climbing bag, or pack it in your hiking pack.


While most people prefer the convenient hands-free lighting of a headlamp over a handheld flashlight, flashlights make a great backup light source.


Foods like GU Energy Gels, Clif bars, Clif Bloks, and EPIC bars tuck away conveniently in stockings and hiking packs alike.


Old school fun. A deck of cards is a cheap source of endless entertainment.


Moleskin is a plush and fluffy band-aid that provides instant relief for cramped climber toes and blistered hiker feet.

Lip balm

Cracked and chapped lips are enough to ruin your time outdoors, or at least ruin it for the people you’re with because you’re complaining about you’re cracked, chapped lips.

Hand salve

Keep climbers’ hands happy. Anyone who works with their hands will appreciate some hand salve in their stocking.


Attach gear, carry keys, and use them around basecamp.

Metal pint

Ditch breakable, disposable cups, and upgrade to a metal pint. Use it for water, your morning coffee, and post-send brews.

Hiking socks

Socks in socks? Why not? Merino wool hiking socks are great for both outdoorsy people and indoorsy people.

Hand warmers

Hand warmers – disposable or reusable – provide the only type of hot pocket that’s acceptable to have on the trail.

Water bottle

If you are a living, breathing human person, you need to drink water. So do yourself – and the earth – a favor and get a reusable water bottle. We carry metal, glass, and plastic regular and insulated water bottle


Whether you dig the classic Swiss Army Knife, or you like the rugged functionality of Leatherman, there’s a multitool for everyone.


LifeStraw water filters remove 99.9(999)% of bacteria and protozoa from contaminated water. The original costs about $20 bucks and they fit perfectly in 99.9999% of stockings.


Do not put fire in the stocking. A fire steel or ferrocerium rod make great stocking stuffers for outdoorsy people, however.


Practice your knots, braid a survival bracelet, or simply stow it in your camping equipment for a rainy day.


It’s not practical to pack a towel on the trail. A PackTowl, on the other hand, is great for backpacking, car camping, and travel

Emergency blanket

A super practical – and super affordable – gift for outdoorsy people.

Eating utensil

Put sporks in pointy side down.


Get these outdoorsy gifts and more at Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters in Fayetteville, Arkansas!

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