Easy to Forget Car Camping Items

This is a list of camping equipment and items that people don’t always think to pack, but you’ll be glad you have them if you ever need them. Save the day and be the one who remembered these easy to forget car camping items.


You know how fire wood is always cut to the perfect length? You know how it falls off the trees in uniform, 16-inch sections? That doesn’t happen. A saw can help you trim down large logs and branches to the perfect size for your fire pit.


A tarp and a little paracord can instantly become a tent footprint, rainfly, sun shade, windscreen, or extra weather protection in a snap.

Rain jacket

Always bring a waterproof shell with you car camping. Rain blow in without much warning, and even if there isn’t any precipitation, a hardshell rain jacket can provide extra warmth and protection from the wind.

Extra Socks

Cold feet, unseen puddles, and excessive dirt buildup. This is why you bring extra socks. Pulling on fresh socks is one of the best ways to boost your mood out in nature.


Light source almost always makes everyone’s car camping checklist, but it’s worth specifying that you bring a headlamp. Headlamps free up your hands to carry firewood or do work around the campsite while it’s dark.

Gear repair kit

When a sharp rock punctures your sleeping pad, a sharp edge tears through your down jacket, or a campfire ember burns through tent, you’ll be glad you have a basic gear repair kit.

Bug spray

This is essential in the summer, and pretty stinking useful in the spring and the fall. You can get by without bug spray in the winter (usually).

Cutting board

If you like to live it up and cook gourmet meals around the campfire, you need to bring a cutting board. A cutting board comes in handy even if you just like making PB&Js.

Can opener

Soups, beans, ravioli, peaches, etc. Lots of good camping foods come in cans, and it’s pretty hard to get to that delicious food if you don’t bring a can opener.

Mid layer

You will never think to yourself, “Why on earth did I bring that extra fleece jacket and just leave it in the car?!”.

First Aid Kit

Great for minor cooking accidents, low-light injuries, and hangovers. Seriously, a first aid kit is always good to have on hand.

Water container

People usually remember to bring water camping, but they don’t always bring enough water. A water reservoir is a good way to make sure you have enough for hydration, cooking, cleaning, and hygiene no matter what.

Aluminum foil

Foil is very useful around the campsite. Use it for cooking, storing food, or build a makeshift windscreen for your camping stove.


Blankets can be used as a ground cover, table cloth, or windscreen, and it’s good to have some extra insulation if the temperature drops, or you start to get cold.

Camp shoes

Bring a pair of comfortable, slip-on shoes to wear around the campsite. You don’t want to have to lace and unlace your boots every time you get in and out of your tent.


What did we forget? let us know in the comments below! For outdoor gear and camping supplies in Northwest Arkansas visit Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters.

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