Why You Should Go Camping for Thanksgiving

What does Thanksgiving look like for you? Are you holed up in the kitchen whipping up potatoes and pies and stuffing ovens with turkeys? Do you spend the Thursday hunkered down on the couch watching football? Maybe you spend most of your Thanksgiving driving to and from your Grandma’s house.

Maybe it’s time to start a new tradition.

More and more people are going camping for Thanksgiving. Here’s why you should go camping for Thanksgiving instead of camping out in the kitchen.

Camping for Thanksgiving is good for you.

Getting out in the woods, hiking and breathing in the fresh air, is much healthier than sitting around watching TV and gorging on pumpkin pie. There’s been plenty of research that shows how being in nature improves mental health, and we all know that an active lifestyle is good for you, too.

Make the most of your long weekend.

How often do you get to spend 4 days in the woods without using up any vacation? Quick weekend getaways at your favorite campsite are fine, but 4 days out in nature will rekindle your love for the great outdoors.

Escape the Black Friday noise.

It’s wilder in retail stores on the Friday after Thanksgiving than it is in the woods. Black Friday is great fun for those who enjoy stampedes and shopping at midnight, but it’s gotten a little out of hand. Whether you want to boycott shopping on principle, or you just don’t want to get hurt, go camping instead.

You can have a tasty Thanksgiving dinner around the campfire.

For many, Thanksgiving isn’t Thanksgiving without a turkey. Fortunately, there’s a way for you to get your turkey fix without being tied down to the dinner table. Here’s how Eagles Nest Outfitters suggests celebrating Thanksgiving at the campsite.

Be thankful for nature.

Thanksgiving is a time for sincere reflection and appreciation. It’s a time when you give thanks for all of the things that you would normally take for granted, and there’s no better place for deep thought than amid nature. Enjoy your Thanksgiving out in nature this year. Stop by Uncle Sam’s for any supplies before you leave town!

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