Why Buy Technical Outdoor Apparel?

Not everyone needs technical outdoor apparel. Only a small percentage of the population actually requires that type of performance from their clothing on a daily basis. Even weekend warriors can get by just fine without elastane, polypro, and ripstop nylon. However, anyone who hikes, climbs, camps, bikes, or spends any time outdoors can benefit from technical outdoor apparel.

So why buy technical outdoor apparel?


Increased comfort is the biggest advantage of technical outdoor apparel for most people. This something that anyone can benefit from whether they guide month-long expeditions in the mountains, they bike commute on a daily basis, or they’re going on their first hike.

Outdoor apparel is designed to keep you comfortable in uncomfortable conditions. It keeps you warm, it blocks wind, and it repels moisture. The longer you’re out in nature, they more you begin to appreciate these features.

Outdoor jackets and apparel often feature stretch fabrics or strategically placed ventilation panels which further increase comfort.


This is another advantage of technical outdoor apparel that the average person can enjoy.

You’re going to get dirty when you’re playing out in nature. There’s no way around it. That’s why outdoor clothing is designed to hold up through just about anything.

Outdoor apparel uses durable materials, and is made to extremely high standard of quality. Jackets and pants are often reinforced in high wear areas to increase the life of the garment.

Increased durability also means your outdoor jackets, pants, and shirt will last longer than everyday apparel. Most outdoor brands back their products with a lifetime warranty against manufacturer defects.


If you’re in extreme conditions – i.e. sub-freezing temperatures, whipping winds, and sleet – you need technical outdoor apparel. This is where your outdoor gear earns its keep.

Outdoor jackets and apparel can actually keep you safe from harm. Waterproof membranes, synthetic insulation, and hydrophobic treated down can protect you from hypothermia.

Of course, most people don’t put their outdoor gear to the ultimate test. You don’t have to be a mountain guide to benefit from outdoor gear, though. Looking for jackets and outdoor apparel in Northwest Arkansas? Stop by Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters!

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