No Fuss Halloween Camping

There are plenty of Halloween camping activities and craft ideas on the internet. Sure, you can decorate your campsite with jack-o-lanterns and fake tarantulas, or sit around the campfire wearing costumes. You could even make a few festive decorations and desserts, but maybe you don’t want to lug a crate of glue sticks, glitter, googly eyes, fake cobwebs, and marzipan out to the campsite. You want to take part in the festivities, but you also want proper, traditional camping.

Leave the pumpkin carving kit and the cauldrons at home. Here are three ways to have a spooky Halloween camping trip without any of the fuss.

Choose a spooky campsite

No, this does not mean camp in a graveyard, or find a haunted campground. Halloween is a holiday shrouded in the dark and scary, and there’s already an eerie feeling in the air. That is to say, making Halloween camping spooky isn’t hard to do.

Choose a remote campsite, away from people. Primitive campsites without toilets and showers are a good place to start. That alone is enough to get some people feeling uneasy. Every rustling raccoon is a zombie or crazed lunatic.

Ghost stories around the campfire

Telling stories around the fire is a camping classic. There’s no better activity for your Halloween camping trip than to tell a few ghost stories around the campfire. A few tales about headless hikers or ghost bears that whisk campers away in the night is sure to get people in the Halloween spirit.

There are tons of great spooky campfire stories.

Night time scavenger hunt

Sure, this might be a little more involved than choosing a campsite and telling stories, but it’s still better than making pudding cup graveyards by lantern light.

Come up with a list of things for a scavenger hunt – a rock that looks like George Washington, an acorn that’s still wearing its cap, a discarded sock, whatever. Then, set out into the darkness with your list of meaningless things. This is how horror movies start…

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