Winterizing Your Outdoor Gear

Fall is the perfect time to start winterizing your outdoor gear setup. Not only do you want to make sure you’re ready for winter before the season sets in, but fall also brings with it many of the challenges you’ll face on the hiking trail or at base camp during the winter. Here are a few tips for winterizing your outdoor gear.

Gear maintenance

You don’t want to mess around with cold weather, especially if precipitation is in the mix. Make sure that all of your jackets, pants, tents, packs, etc. are properly maintained and in good condition.

Check seams

Look for leaks, separating seam tape, or areas where the seams are coming undone. Resew seams and apply seam tape or seam grip to rewaterproof seams.

Inspect zippers

You need functioning zippers on jackets and tents to help trap in warmth. You don’t want to fumble around with a stubborn zipper on your pack or sleeping bag when your fingers are numb from the cold, either.

Clear gunk and grit from zippers, and make sure they’re working properly. Fix, or replace parts as necessary.

Check for holes or tears

Again, holes, rips, and tears in sleeping bags, sleeping, pads, apparel, shelters – or anything really – can cause a lot of discomfort when hiking or camping during the winter.

Apply patches or tape – or take a needle and thread – to holes and tears in your outdoor gear.

Waterproof coatings

Rain, sleet, or snow in cold weather can be dangerous. Keep yourself and your gear dry to prevent hypothermia.

Clean waterproof jackets, apparel, packs, and tarps or rain flies with Nikwax Tech Wash, or a similar product. Then, treat your outdoor gear with waterproofing to stay dry.


Store your warm weather outdoor gear

Winterizing your outdoor gear setup isn’t just about preparing cold weather gear for the upcoming season. You have to properly store your warm weather outdoor gear, too.

Clean, dry, and store summer camping and hiking equipment such as warm weather sleeping bags, packs, clothing, and shelters.

Replace gear as necessary

Is your hiking backpack beyond repair? Do you need outdoor gear maintenance supplies? Is it time to retire your old tent? Maybe you just need a few last minute supplies before your next camping trip. Stop by and see us at Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters for any of your outdoor gear needs in Northwest Arkansas!

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