5 Easy Ways to Prevent Blisters While Hiking

Blisters are one of the few things that can tank your hike in no time. It’s hard to enjoy yourself on the trail when every step is agony and your views are blurred by tears. Keep your feet happy and your spirits high with these 5 easy ways to prevent blisters while hiking.

1. Get the right fit

The best way to prevent blisters is wearing hiking boots or hiking shoes that fit properly. Footwear that’s too tight, or even too loose, is an express line to blister town.

Go to a local outdoor gear store or, hiking store, and have an employee help fit you for hiking boots. Walk around the store a bit to make sure that the boots aren’t too loose or too tight, and make sure there aren’t any hot spots.

2. Socks and liners

Wear a pair of hiking socks. Hiking socks provide more comfort and more cushioning than those paper-thin cotton socks, which helps get rid of friction. Friction is one of the main causes of blisters while hiking.

Sock liners can also help eliminate friction, and they help make your hiking socks last longer, too.

3. Manage moisture

Moisture softens the skin, which can often lead to blisters. Regulating moisture is an easy way to prevent blisters while hiking.

Wear waterproof hiking boots or waterproof trail shoes when it’s wet outside.

Waterproof hiking footwear can actually increase the amount of moisture on your feet in hot conditions. Waterproof shoes do not breathe well, and can cause your feet to sweat.

If your feet get wet – due to river crossings, misjudging puddles, etc. – take a few minutes to try out your boots and socks, and to dry your feet.

4. Care for your feet

Treat your feet before blisters occur. If you notice hot spots – part of your foot begins to feel warm, or uncomfortable – or feel a blister coming on, treat the area before a blister appears.

There are a number of ways to pre-treat blisters. Some people prefer duct tape or moleskin, while others swear by lubricants like Body Glide. Lube doesn’t work for everyone, though, and may actually promote blisters due to the added moisture.

5. Get a pair of gaiters

Moisture and debris are two of the biggest causes of blisters while hiking, and a pair of hiking gaiters can help keep your feet clean and dry.

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