5 Tips for Fall Camping

Camping in the fall is special. Fall and camping go together like bratwurst and buns. Like tents and rainflies. Like hiking boots and laces. Fall and camping go together like graham cracker, chocolate, and marshmallows. That is, they’re meant for each other.

Fall camping has a number of advantages over camping in other seasons. Insects are no longer in swarms, poison ivy has died back, the temperatures are ideal, and the changing leaves and crisp skies offer a beautiful backdrop.

While fall is the perfect season for camping, there are some things you have to keep in mind when planning a fall camping trip. Here are five tips for fall camping.

Layer up

This is outdoor preparedness 101. If you’re heading outdoors, layer up. This is especially true when doing something active like hiking.

Fall days start off cool, but they can get warm, and fall nights can be downright cold. Cloud coverage and wind speeds can also greatly affect temperatures.

Layers are the perfect way to combat varying temperatures and conditions. Bring an extra fleece, light jacket, or warm base layer just in case.

Pack warm clothes, a warm sleeping bag, and a comfortable sleeping pad for fall camping.

Be mindful

Prime temps and pretty trees doesn’t give you an excuse to leave your wits at home. Be aware of your surroundings, and be prepared.

You can still get a rash from the oils in poison oak and poison ivy, even if the plant is dormant.

Mosquitoes – while less abundant – can still linger through fall, so bring bug spray.

Know the dates of hunting season. Know whether hunting is permitted in the area you’re going to, wear bright colors, and don’t rustle around in the bushes.

It’s always a good idea to keep your distance from wild animals, but it’s especially important to steer clear during the fall.

Bring water

Some campgrounds shut off water late in the fall to protect pipes from freezing or to conserve resources. Creeks and streams can dry up, making it difficult to find a reliable source of water.

Bring enough water with you, or have a plan to get water, so you’re not left thirsty. Make sure you have water for drinking, cooking, cleaning, hygiene, and putting out the fire.

Eat hearty

Any hot, filling meal is the perfecting pairing with cool fall camping weather. Plan meals with rib-sticking goodness, like a breakfast scramble, pasta, or chili. None of this PB&J nonsense.

Also pack some hot beverages such as hot chocolate, coffee, apple cider, or tea for some extra warmth and coziness around your campfire.

Fire, good

Fire is indeed good. It’s basically caveman TV. There’s something inexplicably enjoyable about a campfire. A fire is a source of light, warmth, and comfort, but it’s also an activity, so make sure you don’t go without.

Bring ample firewood – or cash to buy firewood. Pack an axe, saw, or splitting maul for downed trees. Bring fire starters, and maybe some kindling to get things started.


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