5 Things That Are Missing From Your Campsite

One of the great things about camping is that you don’t need to have tons of expensive gear to do it. You can get by with a modest shelter and a bedroll, if you don’t mind roughing it. Part of the fun of camping is making due with what little you have. Here are five ways to upgrade your campsite while still roughing it.


There are many different types of containers that are great for camping. Choose from large plastic bins, tubs with lids, old milk crates, weatherproof cargo boxes, water tight bucket, old footlockers, or whatever container you fancy.

Containers are great for organization. They help keep outdoor gear and camping equipment together. They also make it easier to carry your equipment, and easier to find things when you need them.

Another great thing about camping containers is that they help protect gear from moisture and sunlight, and you can use them to store your outdoor gear for fast packing.


It’s always a good idea to bring some rope, nylon webbing, 550 paracord, or other type of cord with you whenever you go camping. Cordage can be used in many ways around the campsite. Use it to help carry firewood, secure tarps, set up a clothesline, secure gear, practice knots, and more.

Wool blanket

Never underestimate the value of a wool blanket when you go camping.

  • Lay it down in your tent for extra insulation and a soft surface. This also helps keep your tent clean.
  • Use it as a ground cover to lay out gear, or for relaxation.
  • Use a wool blanket for extra insulation on chilly nights.
  • Wool blankets can be used as a towel to clean gear or for drying off after a swim.
  • Wool is a versatile material that insulates even when wet. There are many other good uses for wool blankets.


Most people don’t think to bring a shovel camping, but they’re certainly useful. Plus, a collapsible camp shovel – or entrenching tool – won’t take up much space in the car.

  • Use it to dig out or clear a fire pit.
  • Dig a cat hole when camping at primitive campsites without toilets.
  • Move hot coals for cooking and otherwise tend the fire with your shovel.

Maintenance kit

Most people do not pack a basic maintenance kit for outdoor gear repair. They usually opt to make repairs at home, if they make repairs at all. Sometimes field repairs can make the difference between a comfortable night of sleep, and a night of tossing and turning on a leaky sleeping pad.

Here’s what to pack in a basic outdoor gear maintenance kit:

  • Gear tape or duct tape
  • Seam grip
  • Needle and thread
  • Needle nose pliers or multi-tool
  • Knife and/or scissors
  • Ripstop patches
  • Aquaseal
  • Zip ties
  • Buckles
  • Elastic shock cord
  • Rubbing alcohol (solvent)
  • Safety pins

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