Camping After it Rains

You know that camping in the rain poses some challenges, but what about camping after a rain? It’s always nice to see gray skies turn blue, but camping after a rainstorm isn’t all sunshine and rainbows. Here are some things to think about when setting up camp after a rain storm.

Tent placement

Tent placement is always important, but it’s especially important for camping after it rains. You want to avoid large holes or depressions in the ground. Choose campsites at higher elevations.

Keep your tent dry

Heavy rains can saturate the ground. Waterlogged ground can seep through your tent floor and soak everything in your tent. Bring a waterproof tarp or foot print to keep your tent floor dry.

Mind the mud

Lots of rain means lots of mud.

  • Wear waterproof hiking boots or waterproof trail shoes.
  • Bring towels to help dry/clean gear and equipment.
  • Pack extra socks in case you soak your feet.
  • Bring camp chairs for a dry place to take a load off.

Bring firewood

Good luck finding dry wood or kindling after a rainstorm. If you want a fire, you will need to bring some dry fire wood and your preferred fire starter with you. It’s also a good idea to bring a camp stove to cook your food in case it’s too wet to get a fire started.

Insect repellent

Those mosquitoes love standing water, so bring some bug spray.

Bring rain gear

Water tight buckets and bins or waterproof dry bags are great for storing your gear in wet weather. The rain may have passed, but if the ground is still wet, you need to think about keeping gear dry.

Also, pack a rain jacket and any other rain gear in case the rains come back your way. Remember, synthetic insulation is your friend in wet conditions.


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