Raven Trail

Are you excited about the trails of Northwest Arkansas? You should be! From the rigors of Mt Sequoyah Woods and Lake Wedington to the urban pleasures of Mud Creek and Scull Creek Trails, you want to hike them all! Right?

If we have to be completely honest, the Raven Trail is something of a disappointment.

It has a cool name, and an enticing sign, but this is hardly worthy of the name “trail.” It’s just a little less than one third of a mile long.

Download the map.

We set out boldly, expecting some kind of in-town/ woodsy mix of adventure and brisk movement, like the wonderful Lake Fayetteville trail, but we soon — very soon — found ourselves standing at the end of the so-called trail, looking for the next part.

There is no next part. The Raven Trail is just a little path from a neighborhood street to Butterfield Elementary School. It gives the children a safe way to way to walk to school. That’s a worthwhile purpose.

It’s just not worth putting your hiking books on for.

If you have a goal of walking all the Northwest Arkansas Trails, go ahead and do the Raven Trail. It’s not far to the Mud Creek Trail, and from there you can walk or bike all the way to Lake Fayetteville, which has a couple of great trails. By the time you’ve done all that you’ll have earned your lunch.

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