Straw Hats: A Little Shield for Your Head

You wouldn’t really want to wear a shield on your head. Shields are too big and cumbersome, they’re not readily available, and it would look silly anyway. If you’re looking for coverage and protection from the elements, straw hats are a top notch choice. Straw hats offer awesome protection from the sun and light precipitation, plus they look great perched on your head!

Many people are drawn to the classic looks of a wide brim straw hat. The straw hat’s rustic aesthetics have recycled in fashion, but they’re more about function than form. If you spend time outdoors, you should consider investing in a straw hat. Here’s why.

Sun protection

Wide brim straw hats offer unbeatable protection from the sun. By now, everyone knows that the sun can cause some major damage. Getting blasted with radiation does more than just cause a severe case of sunburn, and overexposure to UV radiation can lead to skin cancer. Don the head shield to keep the sun out of your eyes, and ultraviolet radiation off your face and neck.

Keep the rain off your face

The main function of a straw hat is sun protection, but straw hats also provide a decent bit of protection from light rain and precipitation. In heavy rains or long periods of rain, however, straw hats become saturated and won’t keep you dry. If you’re faced with a low chance of rain, or you spy a lone rain cloud in the sky, a straw hat has got your covered.

Why wear a straw hat?

Again, straw hats keep the sun and moisture off your face. They’re great for people who love spending time on rivers or working outdoors. A straw hat is perfect for camping, paddling, mowing, pruning, gardening, etc. They’re even a perfect choice for a sunny day around town. Of course, they’re not suited for everything.

Straw hats are sort of breathable, but they aren’t as breathable as a technical sun hat. Straw itself offers very little air permeability, but the construction of straw hats often provides a lot of air flow. Also, straw hats are usually big, fairly heavy, and not at all technical. This means they’re not good options for aerobic activities such as hiking. And don’t even think about wearing a massive, floppy wind-catching hat on your head when you hop on a bicycle.


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