Why Wear Tactical Pants?

When most people hear the word “tactical” they typically think military, law enforcement, or maybe emergency or rescue services. Generally speaking, tactical gear is intended for people who work in these fields, but that doesn’t mean tactical gear has to stay there. For example, tactical pants aren’t just for military or service personnel. They’re great for people who like to camp, fish, work outside, or otherwise get outdoors.

Tactical pants are a little different than your favorite pair of blue jeans, or the slacks you wear into the office. These qualities are characteristic of tactical pants, and they can all be appreciated by people who spend time outdoors.


Tactical pants are typically made of durable materials that hold up well through rugged use. They often feature abrasion resistant materials or ripstop fabrics, and may be reinforced in high-wear areas like the seat and knees.


Pockets are hardly a feature unique to pants for EMTs, law enforcement officers, or military personnel. However, the types of pockets and placement of pockets on these pants lend themselves to activities where you need quick access to gear or equipment. You can put other things than EMT sheers, ammo, or handcuffs in cargo pockets, after all. They’re ideal for camping, fishing, or for people who work outdoors like construction workers or arborists.


Tactical pants provide a good level of protection against cuts, scrapes, and the elements. They offer ample coverage from brush, rocks, sun, and insects, and the durable materials make sure they last.


Anyone who as ever worn a tight fitting pair of denims knows about the lack of mobility that can often come from a pair of pants. However, many tactical pants feature a gusseted inseam that allows full range of motion.


We carry pants from Propper and other brands as well as used military BDUs. If you’re looking for BDUs, ACUs, or tactical pants for EMTs, firefighters, law enforcement officers, or military, stop by and see us. Looking for a place to buy tactical pants in Northwest Arkansas? We’ve got you covered. We’re located in Fayetteville, Arkansas across from the VA.

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