5 Reasons to Buy Army Surplus Gear

If you already buy army surplus gear, you don’t need anyone to explain why it’s a good idea. However many campers, hikers, and outdoor enthusiasts would never consider buying military or army surplus. You’re not going into combat, so why buy old military gear, right? Military surplus is well made and often much more affordable than outdoor gear made by big name brands. Here are five reasons to buy army surplus for outdoor recreation.

Save money

Army surplus gear makes great, affordable camping gear. Military surplus won’t replace your ultralight backpacking set up, but for car camping – when space and weight aren’t an issue – army surplus gear does just fine. Military cooksets, ammo cans, tents, tarps, duffel bags, compression sacks, footlockers, etc. are great for people who love camping and getting outdoors.


Military and army surplus gear is built to last. It holds up in harsh conditions and through rugged use. You can thrash, throw, toss, and drag military gear and it will keep getting the job done. For example, ammo cans provide dust-proof, water-tight, and practically crush-proof storage. Military canvas tarps hold up through just about any type of weather. Military surplus isn’t light, and it’s not always pretty, but surplus outlasts just about any gear.


Many people don’t realize that buying military surplus can actually help reduce your impact on the environment. You probably learned about the 3 Rs of conservation – reduce, reuse, recycle – in school. Repurposing military surplus knocks out all 3 Rs in one go. Think about buying military surplus before buying new outdoor gear.

One of a kind

Buying military and army surplus makes your outdoor gear set up unique. Sure, you could buy a black fleece 1/4 zip pullover, a popular camping stove, and a name brand tent and have the same outdoor gear as everyone else, or you could do things a little different.

Having the same outdoor gear as everyone else doesn’t make you look the part, it makes it look like you purchased the starter kit. Customize your set up, and make it unique. Army surplus gear isn’t trendy, but it’s practical. It’s not in magazine ads or television commercials, but it gets the job done. Our selection is constantly changing, and we regularly find military surplus items that we’ve never carried before, and probably won’t see again.

Shop local

Again, this is something that people don’t always realize about buying military surplus. Most army surplus and military surplus stores are independently owned. Shopping local helps support local businesses and your local economy. Stop by Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters if you’re looking for army surplus in Northwest Arkansas. We have a great selection of new and used military surplus as well as new camping equipment and outdoor gear.

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