Couples Camping in NW Arkansas

Camping can be very romantic activity. It includes cozy fires, ample opportunities for cuddling, and charming ambience. Of course camping also includes biting insects, poisonous plants, and uninvited raccoons. The point is that while camping has the potential to be a sweet, romantic thing to do with a significant other there’s also potential for things to go south in a hurry. Here are a few things to do and things not to do for a romantic camping trip, as well as great places for couples camping in NWA.

Here’s what not to do

Don’t show up at the last minute on a Friday night trying to find a vacant campsite. This can lead to stress and tension between you and your significant other. You might spend most of your evening driving around, or even worse, you may end up driving back into town when you can’t find an available site.

Don’t bank on a campground. The advantage to camping at a campground is that you can call ahead and make reservations, but campgrounds are hit or miss. Often campers are friendly and considerate of others around without overstepping boundaries. They respect quiet hours, and won’t be a nuisance. But there are also those campground neighbors who blast music and shout until 2 a.m., the neighbors with children who start screaming at 6 a.m., and the neighbors who get the police called for a domestic dispute.

Don’t treat a couples camping trip like a wilderness survival show on TV. Be comfortable, have fun, and don’t be too intense. Bring everything you need, and make your camping trip a pleasant, enjoyable experience rather than a trial by fire.

Here’s what to do

Be flexible and ready for an adventure. It would be great if everything pans out the way you dreamed it would, but that’s not always what happens. Roll with the punches, and be stay positive even if things don’t go as planned.

Instead of a drive-up campground, find a short hike to a more remote, primitive campsite. This can help you beat the crowds and provides privacy. Do your homework, and even hike out to an area to check it out before going on your couples camping trip to find the perfect campsite.

Plan activities. Few things are more romantic than star gazing on a clear night.  Make sure your campsite has a good, unobstructed view of the night sky.

Be prepared and be comfortable. When couples camping you should always bring those little luxuries and comforts that you might otherwise leave at home. It’s not about shaving pack weight or roughing it. It’s about having a good time and enjoying the camping experience with your significant other. Bring things like a camping loveseat, two-person sleeping bag, hot cocoa, fleece blanket, etc. We’ve got a great selection of camping equipment here at Uncle Sam’s Safari Outfitters in Fayetteville, Arkansas.

Romantic camping in NWA

There’s lots of beautiful camping in NWA. You can head in practically any direction and find lovely scenery and great views. Remember that popular maintained campgrounds are going to be easier to reach, but little privacy. Remote backcountry campgrounds are more secluded, but harder to reach and lack amenities like running water or bathrooms. Just determine which is more important for you and your significant other! Here are a few places to consider camping in NWA.

Anywhere along the Buffalo National River. Load your tent in a canoe and pull off at a pictureasque spot along the river. There are also lots of campgrounds as well as trail accesses if you prefer hiking to remote backcountry camping.

Family friendly campgrounds such as Lake Ft. Smith and Devils Den tend to be more mellow than the rowdy river campgrounds popular among the college-aged crowd. You can check out our list of family friendly campgrounds in NWA.

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